The Nightwatchman's Wife (Short Fiction)

I'm always thrilled to have a story published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM). If you like mysteries and aren't yet a subscriber, check it out. In print since 1941, Rudyard Kipling, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway and Norman Mailer have all had stories published in EQMM. Stephen King calls it "the best mystery magazine in the world, bar none."

This time my story is part of the Redfish Bay series, and called "The Nightwatchman's Wife." It's a good old fashioned ghost tale set on the retired aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington (often called the "Blue Ghost"). Order a copy and check it out. It involves a mysterious sighting, Halloween night, a missing piece of expensive jewelry, a boat on which many souls have lost their lives and, as always in the series, a monkey that causes a lot of trouble.