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The Lone Star Lineup exposes criminally good mystery fiction, true crime, essays, film and journalism with known ties to Texas. Suspect works must either be set in Texas, involve parties from the Lone Star State or be created by Texas-based authors or creators. Whether you’re a Texan, or just enjoy reading about the worst of our great state (as told by some of its most creative minds), check back weekly for the most recent convictions. 

I Wish I Had a Million Dollars

We all know Aladdin's lamp is just a fairy tale. A myth. A memorable bit of One Thousand and One Nights meant to pass the time. But isn't there a part of us all, just the smallest part of even the most mature of minds, that believes in genies? Wants someone to grant us that instant wish that would change our life forever? Check out my latest Redfish Bay Mystery in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, where we're reminded that life still goes on--even after your wish is granted. 


The Model Citizen (Short Fiction)

It's always a great and gratifying privilege to be published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM). Once again, if you like mysteries and you're not a subscriber then you're missing out. Stephen King calls it "the best mystery magazine in the world, bar none," and the list of its prestigious bylines goes on and on from Rudyard Kipling to Ernest Hemingway. So check it out. 

This time around I'm pleased to have another installment of my Redfish Bay series featured: "The Model Citizen." The hero of the series, an amateur detective and full-time beach bum in Corpus Christi, Texas, is called upon by an old friend to help solve the theft of a model boat stolen from a museum; a model made by a high-profile ex-con-turned-successful-sculptor.